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Learning language!? Si! Oui! Da! Understand the words AND the culture. Ciao!
Bonjour!  Comment allez-vous?  Have you studied French in High School or even maybe college?  If yes, come join us for a fun around the world look at cultures while refreshing your knowledge of French.  You do not remember much?  Not a problem at all.  This is what this class is for - to help you "get it back".  We will learn new word and grammar in a very different way by starting a trip around French-speaking countries while shopping, visiting museums, boarding boats, trains and airplanes, etc.  This way we will "live" French.  This class is for those ready to participate, even play some "games" and we will listen to 60's,70's and 80's French music!  

8 sessions.

Instructor : Sylvie Kitzman 

Weekly - Thu 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM (3/23/2017-5/11/2017)

Location : Dietert Center Location : 
  Dietert Center.

Room :  T5-2

Start date: 03/23/17

Tuition: $74.00

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Planning on travelling or just want to sound like a pro?  This short course will have you feeling more at ease with pronouncing Spanish words and phrases.  No prior knowledge necessary. 

2 sessions.

Instructor : Cindy Barkley  

Weekly - Mon 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (5/1/2017-5/8/2017)

Location : Dietert Center Location : 
  Dietert Center.

Room :  Conf Rm

Start date: 05/01/17

Tuition: $17.00

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